One week before moving day

If a self pack, aim to finish a few days before the move. Pack personal items needed during transit.

* Go to your local post office and fill out a change-of-address form, or do it online at But in case gets delivered, ask a friend or neighbor to look out for mail after you've moved. Check in with them two weeks after the move and again two weeks after that.

​* Check room dimensions at your new home, if possible, and make sure furniture will fit where you want.

* Alert the following of your move: banks, brokerage firms, your employer’s human resources department, magazine and newspapers you subscribe to, and credit card, insurance, and utility companies.

* Arrange for medical records to be sent to any new health-care providers or obtain copies.

* Contact utility companies and service providers to arrange to have your appliances/services disconnected and, if necessary, reconnected in your new home.

* Make sure all library books have been returned and all dry cleaning or items out for repair have been picked up. Also retrieve any items out on loan.

Two days before moving day

​​*If your refrigerator is moving with you, make sure to empty, clean, and defrost it at least 24 hours before moving day.

​* Reconfirm the moving company’s arrival time and other specifics. Make sure contact information and addresses are correct.

​* If you haven’t already arranged to pay your mover with a credit card, get a money order, cashier’s check, or cash for payment.

* Ask your mover forms of payment accepted.

* Don't forget to make time for goodbyes.

​* Arrange for medical records to be sent to any new health-care providers or obtain copies.Dispose of flammables, propane tanks, corrosives and poisons.Empty your lawnmower and power tools of fuel etc.Fill any prescriptions or medications you will need for the next couple of weeks.

​Moving Day

* Get up early and don't panic! 

* Walk your movers through the house, tell them what you need them to do and take their advice on the actual loading.

​* Leave a note of your name, new address and contact number for the new residents of your home so they can forward any mail that slips through the cracks.

​* Make sure cash, jewelry, important documents, checkbook and other valuable items are secure.

* Have a marker handy to make extra notes on boxes.

​* Point out to the movers any extra-fragile items needing special attention.